Jon Casey

If Pretorian beat-maker Jon Casey’s aesthetic could be compressed into a single word, that word would be- Vitality. His flavourful electro-hop beats energize the ear with vibrant kinetic energy. Crammed with a collage of electronic music references which range from Caliwave to halftime, it’s easy to associate his cocktail blended beats with other crossover beat scene artists like Kaytranada and Insightful. The crisp neon glows of his synths grilled over the electrifying pulse of his bass and drum patterns
make for an accessible dance-floor friendly electronica.

What sets his sound apart is that he manages to produce supercharged nu-school hip hop based beats caged in the clean captivating progressions of EDM. The result is a sound that’s equally complex as it is catchy, as hardcore as it velvety smooth. This balanced combination of intensity and euphoria creates an irresistible aesthetic you don’t necessarily have to be thoroughbred beat head to enjoy.

There’s something in Jon Casey’s music for all lovers of electronic music alike, making it a palatable yet undiluted gateway drug to the more
experimental elements of the genre. His debut EP entitled ‘Untitled’ independently released in 2016 is packed full of iridescent club bangers laced with house and trap driven rhythms. This was followed by his ‘Rockefeller EP’ which further crystallised his sound and gained him global internet acclaim from artists such as eDIT, DJ Craze
and Mat Zo.

He’s currently working on an a number of projects to be released on various international labels such as DJ Craze and Kill The Noize’s Slow Roast  amongst other imprints . And there’s still plenty more to be heard from this young South African producer.