Daev Martian

Daev Martian, is a producer/artist/DJ from Johannesburg, South Africa. Growing up around a Jazz Bass Guitarist father Daev has been around music for virtually his whole life. His sound is a futuristic and electronic twist on soul with influences from Jazz, Hip Hop and Electronic music. .

A visit to an old friends’ house got Daev learning DAWs and indulging from then till now. In the midst of receiving studio equipment and producing instrumental music he was lead to writing his own songs to express his discontentment with the way most artists were portraying themselves. In 2011 Daev and Thomas Hazardous self-released a mixtape titled Planet Marz which would then spark a keen interest in Daev to make music his career choice.

Since then a ton of progression has been made by Daev. He has made international releases and collaboration amongst some of his other accolades. He has since then released a single featuring UK poet Nancy, 2 music videos , A free EP “UmSindo Wam”, an International release with american label Goldie Records ,“Gears” with Australian Label Gentle Records, “Martian lo-fi Taep” through Subterranean Wavelength, “uMoya”  with“Stay True Records” in June 2016 and his latest offering “Frequency Manipulation” accompanied by a music video directed by local legend Jono Kay.