GAIKA performs @ #SubWav Live in FEB 2018

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It’s another edition of experimental electronic sounds with the only party in the city ready to give you that good good you’re not on yet. The first #Subwav Live of the year teams up with the British Council and Black Major to feature the extraordinary talent that is GAIKA of Warp Recordsall the way from London .

The aim for GAIKA is to take organic sounds and blend them with various electronic genres to create a hybrid audio visual landscape which is unmatched. Through amalgamating genres such grime, dance hall, hip hop, garage and R&B he creates an entirely new universe of sound governed by warped vocals and an electronic energy transporting you between gothic scenes and the more colourful tones of the sonic spectrum.

Kitcheners is where it’s at with the supporting local talent of Rosie ParadeMicr.PlutoKAJAMAmusic and DJ Danger Ingozi.

*More Details TBA*

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