Eye-on Feather Releases his Triangulation EP

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Jo’burg born and bred electronic composer Eye-on-Feather delivers his Triangulation EP. The producer’s sophomore release under the Subterranean Wavelength imprint is a three-pronged opus of ambient afro-electronic compositions anchored in hip-hop, space-funk and reggae influenced rhythmic arrangements.

The record features seamless collaborations with local experimental vocal composers Ms Isis and Zetina. It deftly infuses native, Afro-American and Afro-Caribbean influences and minimalistically deconstructs them through the prism of Western synthetic instruments and audio production software to create an aural
sketch-work of a decolonial form of electronica. The neatly blended fusion of ethno-musicological references present throughout the record achieves a delicate balances between the intellectual and the emotive. Its songs comprise of a metaphysical sonic tapestry inside of which the visceral softly collides with the geometric. The projects aims to answer the pertinent questions: (a) What if our pre-colonial ancestry had access to Digital Audio Workstations? And (b)What could the digitized African spirit imagine of its future unimpeded by the narrative of oppression?

Using this evermore relevant anachronistic dilemma of afro-futurism as his point of departure , Eye-on-Feather gently attempts to develop a true afro-futurism, on our own terms- one which doesn’t patronize nor compromise the mysticism in our make-up. With these three afro-conscious electronic compositions the producer aims to recapture spiritualistic electricity that remains inextinguishable in the atmosphere of
the African continent and continues to permeate brightly through the most broken and silenced voices of its children. Within it, he hopes his audience can embark on similar cosmic journeys to the ones he gladly
navigated to compose it.

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